Sunday Prayer



Mother Earth, Father Sky,

Thank you for this reflective and pondersome day.

Thank you for process. Thank you for stillness. Thank you for the waiting. The watching. The miracles that always come.

Allow us our seconds of bliss so that we may believe that bliss is always possible.

Help us let the laundry pile up so that we can sit on the porch and watch the baby deer graze, the grass grow, and the spiders crawl across the steps.

Silence our beliefs in what is not of you, of awesomeness.

Awaken our sensibilities to magic, to opportunity, to doing the right thing for the right thing’s sake. Help us to do this effortlessly and without complaint.

Quiet our minds when it is time to rest. Let us move when Spirit inspires movement, and be still until then.

Comfort our hearts when it’s time to feel everything. Because that time will always arrive.

Let us sink our roots deep into your center and draw your energy up, while raising our branches high up toward the Sun and drawing your energy down. Let us save our own energy for the times when we are called upon to be the miracle. Let us use yours for all other purposes. Channel through us.

Open our eyes to all that you offer from your gigantic buffet of a gazillion beautiful experiences.


(and so it is.)

The Big Cats of Self-Healing



These two powerful felines are the most effective self-healing medicine helpers of SouLodge!

Black Panther, the lunar devourer of shadows, takes you into the swamplands of your soul, to discover  and heal what was fragmented and shoved into basement storage as a child.  Once allowed to have a voice, the shadow becomes an fierce ally instead of a handicap.

Mountain Lion, the solar queen, paces the perimeter of your energetic field, protecting you from unwanted energies and experiences, while enlightening your language in order to help you draw your lines in the sand in a clean, healthy, non-projective way.

Through video instruction, guided meditations, recorded Spreecasts,  journal exercises, shamanic journeywork, and the retrieval of your lost aspects, you can learn to re-parent yourself  for truth and vitality. You’ll also gain the skills needed to function in high integrity in order to do the light work you wish to do in the world, without becoming depleted.

Two PDFs are included in this bundle for a limited time only, valued at $158.

Click here to learn more about what’s in the Mountain Lion PDF.

Click here to learn more about what’s in the Black Panther PDF.


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GIVEAWAY: Changing the World Means Speaking Up

drum_speak the truth

I want to know what you have to say: mother, sister, daughter, lover, goddess, yogi, writer, singer, closet poet.

This is not my usual sort of post. What’s on my mind right now, just having finished up SouLodge Spring where our last week was concerned with spiritual leadership and determining what makes a good leader, my thought is around how clear we are that our voices are important in the world.

During SouLodge, I shared 9 Qualities of Stellar Leadership to begin a discussion around what we can look for in a worthy guide. I’d love to hear more about what you look for when you call in a teacher or leader!

What does leadership look like in community? Feminine leadership, er, the idea of it is getting much attention in the media these days as many recognize the missing aspects of success require the creativity and mystery of the goddess. Well. That’s my take on it.

Consider this, Empathy: Long thought of as a soft skill, emotional intelligence is now essential for leadership effectiveness and empathy is at the top of the list. This competency positively relates to performance amongst employees and the ability to understand and ask what others are feeling. Authentic empathy builds trust and respect and engages buy-in from employees.”

Empathy is just one of many “feminine” qualities listed in the article above which are sought after in larger organizations.

Whether at home in a family environment or as a voice in the world, women are finding healing and clarity after thousands of years of being undervalued.

*Take a moment and think about what you love in a leader-who are some voices that you LOVE to listen to?

*Take one more moment and think about how clear you are about who you are and what kind of world you want to live in and what, (as Alex Franzen says) are you doing to create that world?

*If you have one more moment, enter this giveaway to win one of 11 spots in SOULODGE BOOT CAMP: SACRED VOICE with RAVEN by sharing you thoughts on what it is you really want to say. Leave a comment below to enter!

Winners will drawn Friday!


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Congratulations to:


Samantha Roberts

Jenn N

Anna Campos



Susan Pease




Lisa T


Thank you, sisters!!! All of your responses were moving and fantastic. I hope to see you all for Raven August 11! We’re almost full!!

Sunday Prayer


Mother Earth, Father God,

Thank you for this reflective and contemplative day. Thank you for contrast so that we can be clear of where we are.

Help us to surrender.

Send the flood of salty tears when it is time to acknowledge and release. Let the rivers flow from us, creating movement and health in our watery bodies. Conspire to also deliver friends, visions, dreams, music, and healing food.

Help us to surrender.

Show us how to give in and not give up. Remind us that there is a time to make decisions and there is very much a time to sit with strong feelings and patiently await the decision making time. Witness us leaning our swords and spears in the corner to rest a while.

Teach us to cleanse out old ideas, old expectations, old patterns, old triggers, and old bad habits which harm us and linger in our bodies with symptoms, indicating spiritual illness. Guide us to heal utilizing the old ways which do work and have been forgotten. Send us the spirits of our grandmothers and grandfathers with wisdom from the Other Side of the Mountain. Help us welcome them, and all of the Helper Spirits into our sacred spaces.

Help us to surrender.

Let the waves overtake us and shoot us out to sea so that we may know the depths of our own Mystery and how the Mother holds us and nurtures us, even when it feels like we are drowning, dying.

Be a reminder to us that the skin we shed today will feed the soil, and the shell which protects us can crack and crumble into useful organic material.

Allow us to revel in the beauty and  nakedness surrender brings.



Sunday Prayer


Mother Earth, Father Sky,

Thank you for this miraculous and healing day.

Thank you for the Sun, creative force of warmth and light which informs all growth.

Thank you for contrast, the dramatic darks which play against the shocking lights.

Lead us on a path of restoration. Hold our visions. Nurture our wounds.

Lift us into our most courageous state, and lower us slowly to examine what’s happening on the ground which requires our strict attention.

Show us how to be impeccable in our integrity. Give us the experiences we need to make vibrant progress.

For the sake of our precious short lives, make leaders of us, because, after all, we’re here. We’re all ears.

For fun, drench us in your abundant fragrances and drape us in ferns and forest mosses.

For love, accept our humble offering to fertilize and feed the tiny crawling ones some day.



Expanding My Frontier

soulodge ranch grey buttes

This is a story of divine wo-manifestation, which will not likely be told to completion today, or perhaps for a long, long, time.

It’s kind of the story of the rest of my life.

For an unbelievable and intolerable amount of time, I’ve made myself and everyone around me crazy while I looked for home. High and low, east and west, in the country and in the city, near my dearest friends, and in the middle of nowhere… I’ve been on the prowl for over a decade at least- I might’ve lost count the year I stopped working for other people.

When you’re searching everywhere for home, no place will really satisfy you. You want home to have all the things that you need and nothing you don’t, including your own despicable and persistent habits.

The moment I’d think I’d landed on it, my mind began a mean game of fault-finding, and then pluck every good feather until there’d be nothing left to love. And then I’d temporarily hate myself for being harder to please than a widow.

When I came to Portland a year ago, it was with a giant piece of paper folded up and overstuffed into my journal, covered in magic marker with a mind map to SouLodge Ranch (working title) with no directions or compass whatsoever-just a big tipi in the middle of the page with bubbles around it indicating what I’d do when I found my way home scrawled inside of them.

My word for the year for 2013 was HOME and I was determined to find it in the Pacific Northwest, so I packed up and headed North. North is always true, right? That year turned over and gave way to MOTHER, my way of committing to radical self-nurturance in this beautiful place.

Part of the concept of self-nurture meant to embody my own motto: Know what you need and ask for what you want, the catch mantra of everything we do in SouLodge from day one three years ago. Why had it taken me this long to be specific? What was I waiting for?

The other part of it was to actively practice naming what I wanted and then surrendering it to the divine creatrix herself, my Mother and yours, Mama Earth. The key has been knowing enough information to feel solid when I call for it. I’m getting better at it.

It seems paradoxical to declare a thing so boldly, having worked up my nerve and all, just to let the chips fall where they may. However, this is the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me when I’m wanting to call something in. I have to step up to the altar, say *it* out loud, and then honor my duty of getting back to work while the cosmos sorts out the details.

I have to trust that my way is being prepared for me.

No easy feat… but worthwhile to note that I’ll have cabin and gate keys to 68 acres of ranch land in Central Oregon at the end of next week. This land has my heart, my soul- and I am her official caretaker.

I am to Mother her.

She is my Home.


Sunday Prayer


Mother Earth, Father Sky, Angels and Ancestors who surround us,

You always answer when we call. Thank you for that.

Let the birdsong lift us to our higher frequency, their lively, cheerful  trills and tweets stirring us awake from our slumbers.

Let us avail ourselves to those who truly will benefit from our voices and actions: to mother the children, honor the elderly, celebrate the lives of those who are leaving this dimension bound for the next adventure.

Teach us how to channel your divine inspiration and infuse who we are, how we walk, and what we do, with your spirited energy. Help us to know what to hold in reserve and what to give freely. Show us peace and the signposts to get us there.

Remind us to find JOY in all that we do, even amidst the struggle. Point out to us the big bubble inside of us where JOY lives. Implore us through your magnificent and magical downloads to seek connection with it. To burst said bubble and let JOY spill over and out of us, but never empty. Surprise us with the ease of laying down our burdens, and releasing the old beliefs which, like a steel door,  stands between us and the V.I.P. room, where JOY is hanging out backstage with Justin Timberlake.

Put words in our mouths. Be the wind beneath our wings, the rock we can climb up, around, and under. Show us the right medicine and how to administer it. Put in front of us exactly what we need to see, and know. Give us more reasons to grow our faith, because we humans are very forgetful creatures.

Help us tune into your station, and blast it.


Sunday Prayer


Mother Earth, Father Sky,

Thank you for the blessing of being able to come to you when we need help. Thank you for the wisdom to always ask for help when we need it, which is pretty much every day of the week. Thank you for every beautiful day of the week.

Help us connect deeply with ourselves, so that we may know the flavor of our own soul-salt. Thank you for the reminder that sometimes we have to sweat to earn our sagacity.

Thank you for the shadows and the light that seeps into the cracks, for the divine inspiration which whispers so softly that we must learn a whole new way of listening in order to hear you.

Teach us how to walk and *then* talk.

Help us remember what is *our* right medicine.

Wake us up in the middle of a mean tantrum, a disempowered funk, a cranky interaction, an explosive episode. Flash us some lightening.

Lead us to the trailhead to take the quest: to find the Holy Mother, the burning bush, the light at the end of the tunnel, fire, the golden fleece, the dragon guarding the treasure, the pirate’s booty, the white stag, the reason why.

Let us bring our vital energy to the altar of those we love the most, and let us inspire theirs to come out to play. Keep us humble, vulnerable, and humorous.


Giveaway: Eleven Spots for Spring SouLodge with Deer

A cautious white-tailed stag pauses at the edge of the woods in Rock Creek Park

It’s that time again! Spring SouLodge begins on Monday, June 2, and this time we’re journeying at a delicate pace with Deer, following the lure to adventure and honoring the celestial energies while we keep four hooves on the ground.

Boundaries Boot Camp with Mountain Lion is completing today and has BLOWN my mind. As an intensive, the content was delivered as powershots every day for two weeks. The women who showed up for this course straight up DAZZLED me with their willingness to use empowered language, stand it their truth, mark their lines in the sand and take responsibility for honoring others’ boundaries. I daresay that this session and April’s Goldmining the Shadow with Black Panther have been my favorite sessions of all.

“I learned about boundaries a long time ago and I’m still learnng. This wonderfully rich course came at a time where I was feeling a need for more clarity with myself around my boundaries. I love the way you came from the perspective of our personal energy as sensitives and the journeying with Mountain Lion, Pixie. Thank you so much!”

That being said, I’m so ready for late Spring session-it’s softer pace, and working with magical Deer….

In this session, we’ll do some balancing with strength and vulnerability, continuing to work to rehabilitate our relationships to ourselves, and our feelings, and create new awareness and intimacy with our favorite people, totems, and with Spirit. I’m looking forward to creating ritual, doing journeywork, and making ceremony with you to honor your walk on the wild and conscious road.


Leave a comment sharing how you would like to be honored and considered sacred to be entered.

Share socially at Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram with #soulodgespring and be entered *that many* times.

(Yes, I count every single entry.)

Comments must be posted here.

And thank you to our amazing and generous benefactors who allow for so many to attend SouLodge this way!!!

















Vulnerability Training: Mighty in One Hand and Gentle in the Other


I love counterpoise…juxtaposition because of it’s complex completeness. It allows me to delve deep into the nature of conflict…and forgive everything. To be human and divine, all at once.

Strength and vulnerability. Sunshine and rain. Black and white. Sacred and profane. Masculine and feminine. Pause and action.

Paradox gets my gears turning and inspiration flowing. As a painter, contrast is something I’m constantly working with and attempting to harmonize.

I’ve been working with the medicine of Deer since my awakening in 2003, particularly to balance the predatory nature found in Wolf, Mountain Lion, Bear and other Type-Apexes in my lineup of helpers. Every animal has a counter, usually it’s prey or predator. What’s most fascinating to me is that when each creature stands alone, we can find their softness, nurturing and also their fierceness. Deer’s antlers are like antennae which connect them to the clear messages of the heavenlies, while four hoofs keep them rooted to the ground. Earth and Sky.

This is important to carry with you when doing soul work because there will be two sides to every story living within you. There will be a curse, followed by a blessing. A wrong done to you, and the courage it took to stand up for yourself. A fragmented, lost piece, and the joyful recovery and re-integration of it. Blind spots and a-ha moments.

Deer has shown up in this year’s SouLodge to balance the work we did with Black Panther and Mountain Lion, and compliment our adventures with Fox. It also stands alone quite nicely, regal creature that it is. Our adventures with the fierce ones sets the tone (in this case, the healing and the boundaries, respectively) for being in a strong place of power. Deer is here to work with us around vulnerability and strength, together at last.

Grow closer to the medicine of Deer, learn to embody it’s grace and to call up it’s majestic strength in matters of cleaning up your energy, fortifying your relationships to your spiritual guides and allies, honor what is sacred in you, and stand proud in community knowing that your Voice counts.

SouLodge begins June 2!