Season 2 of Sacred Grit Earth Day Kick-Off!

We’re back!!! With more transparent, live-streaming, free goodness from the queens of stones and bones.

Athena Perrakis of Sage Goddess and I are silly excited to have carved out some time for a second season of our fun and gritty broadcast, Sacred Grit.

Sacred Grit was born last year when we realized we needed to be able to jump the tracks from our usual routine and get really honest with those we hold community with. Topics such as managing energetic boundaries, money and business, relationships, the Too-Much Woman, and allowing work and life to coexist. We listened to you and designed a series of evening chats which infuse spirit into the stuff of real life.

It was a hoot and so, of course, we’re thrilled to do it again!


We hope you’ll join us for our first episode on Tuesday, April 22, for an Earth Day Water Wheel Ceremony at Spreecast. Learn how to raise the vibrational frequency of the water around you, and call in water to dry places, spiritually, emotionally and to our Earth. We’ll show you how to build a water wheel on your property, in nature, or in your home, to protect Mother Earth’s most precious resource.

Event page on Facebook!

See you there!

Sunday Prayer


Mother Earth and Father Sky,

Thank you for this beautiful day of togetherness and rebirth.

Show us the sacred in everything. Help us recognize it. Direct us on how to let the old fall away: the old ideas, the old patterns, the old resistances, the old models. Allow our stripped down winter bodies to feel the sensation of new buds, of new life, of solar energy. Infuse us with the electricity of the Sun and the promise the soil holds. Help us contain the reserves which lead to bursting into full bloom.

Hold our hands when we’re uncertain. Bathe us in deep trust of the Great Mystery. Baptize us in One Love for everyone. Remind us that we are all but mirrors reflecting each other back like wild prisms, and to remember that what we share is what comes beaming back.

Give us this day our daily superhero cape, our robin’s wings. Expand our capacities for kindness, for love, for compassion, for receiving, and for letting you in through every pore to mingle with our beautiful, fumbling humanity and give birth to our own divine wisdom.

Roll away the boulders which keep us from accepting what’s at the end of the tunnel. Release our bags of stones from our backs and let us become accustomed to traveling Light.


Sunday Prayer


Mother Earth and Father Sky, sacred spirits that surround us, thank you for your love and protection.

We are blessed to be alive today.

Thank you for the signs, the bones, the reminders that life is short. Thank you for holding us during the string of changes, some of which relentlessly throw us up on the rocks and pull us back out to sea. We’re grateful for the calm moments and for the Sun, for the washes of understanding which come unexpectedly and straight from you.

Teach us how to forgive and leave the past in it’s time, help us savor the present and release the need to know how it’ll all turn out. Hone our trust, our trust, our trust.

Remind us of what really matters at the end of a day. Let us consider ourselves Beloved and walk in the direction that leads to respect for you. Allow us to touch the Divine in ourselves and know that we are sacred, too.

Show us your magic and your divine right timing. Dazzle us with your ability to lead us to water and give us the wisdom to drink. Help us hold what is precious to our chests, and to never let go.



Sunday Prayer


Mother Earth, Father Sky, benevolent allies, and angelic luminosity which surrounds us,

Thank you for this beautiful day. We’re so grateful to be alive.

We see your beauty reflected back at us in the tiny new buds and flowers. We recognize new life everywhere, and in it, our own capacity to blossom and radiate life energy, too. We feel the warmth from your subtle sunshine and know that we warm the hearts of others when we shine our lights and act as the generators we were designed to be.

Show us how to stay sparked. Remind us of what ignites us, what inspires us to mimic your minute-to-minute Creation. Give to us everything we need to believe in miracles and magic, and the patience to wait for them to unfold in front of our humble eyes.

Infuse our sometimes weary hearts with the hope we need to carry forward- not like soldiers warrioring through for the cause, but like lightbeams who have already reached their destination before our minds could even imagine it.



Sunday Prayer



Mother Goddess, Father God, forces of Creation from above, below and beyond,

We are spilling over in gratitude today for your support and omnipresence.

We call upon you as humble humans wanting a safer home here on Earth, a place where the creatures are in balance and your air is nourishing and your waters cleansing. Show us how to create this for ourselves and those who follow our generations. Inspire our smaller footprints. Channel our energies into the causes which serve the highest purpose for all. Teach us how to understand that we are all the same.

Break down the dams which obstruct the steady flow between our minds and our spirits, and You. Help us clear the way for beauty in all of it’s forms to stream through us.

Support what is delicate in us, our tender and holy geometry which is still sensitive to everything in the environment, even after such evolutionary adaptations. Sharpen our perceptions, and heighten our awareness. Remove our fears that keeps us one-dimensional and our souls frozen in time. Witness our rites of passage.

Surround us in your warmth and your light, and allow us to hold ourselves as beloved and precious children of Earth and Sky.


Sunday Prayer



Mother Earth, Father God, angels, ancestors and benevolent forces which surround us,

Thank you for this beautiful day.

Today we walk as lights in the darkness. Show us how to shine. Refine our vision so we can see every sparkle which comes before us. Teach us how to express our gratitude and beauty with confidence and guts.

Allow us the grace to choose our words with care, and to pick our battles, and harvest our own medicine from the depths. Allow us the opportunity to come up for deep breaths in between our descents into the Underworld for insight.

Nudge us up when we fall, extend your hands to us so that we can walk with open hands. Infuse us with life energy which spills over in abundance to our sisters and brothers who are in need of a power boost. Remind us of how much to keep for ourselves so we can stay in flow and continue in our work as generators.

We ask all of these things with respect and admiration for the universal and omnipresent awesomeness of You, Beloveds.


Sunday Prayer


Mother Earth, Father God, and all of those who’ve gone before us to pave the way,

Thank you for this blessed day, this blessing of life on us.

Walking on your beautiful surface, Mama, we honor you. We need your nourishment and your firmness beneath our feet. We can count on you, always, to be solid and sure. Teach us how to tread lightly on you, and with our sisters and brothers we share you with.

Looking up, Father, we feel you all around us. Our love for you is a big love. Teach us how to love even bigger. Show us the expanse of sky with new eyes today, allow us to take all of you in.

Bowing to you and the power of your mighty plates, your gusts of wind, your star-studded nights, your overwhelming waves-the changes you build up to  and bring which threaten to take our breath away.

We can endure all that you bring. We are learning from you, to be like you, Sacred Mirrors. We are ready to be as solid as our Mothers, equally as nurturing, and as limitless as our Fathers, as high, and as amplified.

We can know big love.


Sunday Prayer

Jack Rabbit

Mother Earth, Father Sky, ancestors who have paved the way before us,

Thank you for this life. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to feel the warmth of your Sun on our backs and your soil beneath our boots.

Thank you for the asparagus on our plates, the snowmelt, cherry blossoms, and inches on our Spring growth charts.

Show us how to care for your seeds, how to plant them with love, how to water the rows, and to treasure new life.

Help us see each other like your creatures, all unique and each of us with special gifts designed to honor life. Remind us to acknowledge and celebrate our gifts – to find creative ways to offer and honor what you’ve given us in some way, every day.

Find us lying on your breast, Mother, and under your vast blue expanse, Father, breathing what the plants breathe, seeing what the birds see, feeling what the rabbits feel. Teach us to care for these precious resources so that the birds, rabbits and plants can continue to, and the children, and us, too.


Sunday Prayer



Mother Earth, Father Sky, ancestors, angels and wise council which holds us when we’re in doubt,

Come to our sides.

We need your support as we take the next steps. Comfort our fears and teach us to surrender.

Manage our defenses, diffuse our bombs, humble us so that we can tune in again.

Remove our irrational fears and allow us to look at the practical options in front of us.

Fill us with insurmountable hope.

Slow our progress until we can truly appreciate it, and understand the consequences.

Teach us to barter and trade for what what we need, show us new ways of community and commerce which benefits our higher purposes.

Lead us by the hand down to sit upon your soft surface, bathe us in your blue-gray  ceiling, shed a little sunshine on us.

Let us default to love in times of doubt, for ourselves and for others.


Outlaw Spirituality: Refusing to Numb Out

In this vlog, I address self-medication and our tendency to allow ourselves to numb the feelings rather than presence what’s in front of us.


 Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralysed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.