Tending the Steady Flame


What lights you up inside? What story or loyalty do you carry close, so close to your heart that it whispers to you like a Sufi dervish drunk on wine and God?

Huston Smith said that tending the [spiritual] fire takes two things: enthusiasm and effort. When the holidays approach -not Christmas, but the solstices and equinoxes- I feel my own flames rise, and because of SouLodge and the other work that I do, I get to see women dedicated to their spiritual experience and integrity rising up, too. Solstice, Latin for “sun stands still”, can be considered a time when the Heavens marry the Earth. This beautiful union between the grounded and the celestial makes integration of body and spirit seem not so out-of-reach.

I cherish the symbol of Eagle always, but particularly around the Summer Solstice because of it’s strong connection to the Sun and it’s capability as an ally to bring me back to basics. ¬†Eagle represents so much of Earth and Sky, that it’s a worthy companion for marrying your earthbound persona to your spiritual without compartmentalization. It’s all about integration with Eagle, and not wearing different hats, which makes life seem so bisected. Eagle shows us how to honor our spiritual freedom and walk the Earth with grace, with no separation. Do you think it’s possible?

This month’s SouLodge, we’re soaring up with Eagle, and also journeying for seven days leading up to Solstice in celebration. Learn more about 7 Journeys¬†(you do not have to be in SouLodge to participate in 7 Journeys).

Stop in to tend your flame in a new way.


Without attention, the human sense of wonder and the holy will stir occasionally, but to become a steady flame it must be tended.

-Huston Smith

*Image of altar by Jen Gray at Visual Quest, Big Sur in May.

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