Grandmother Bear and Prayer Ties Request

Medicine Bear, by Dark Natasha.

Reflective and ready to hibernate is how I'm feeling…being pulled into the warm Earth as her surface cools. There is a deep need for me to hole up and root down with the Grandmothers to gather medicine for the new year.

Grandmother Bear is our first guide for January, as I set out for the Vision Quest that helps me to co-create our lessons with the animals for SouLodge. Annual memberships are still available for $99 through December 31st for the entire year-find out more here. I bundled the membership together with the Medicine Animals & Totems e-Guide after an enormous uprising to get a head start from those who missed the Thanksgiving weekend deal. If you registered after that time and didn't get your copy, let me know so I can send it to you. It's a good primer for where we're going in 2013. Thank you for your readiness to gather. We are bright transmittors in the form of community. 

I'm preparing for my annual vigil by the firepit for Friday's Solstice, to hold the light energy all night on the darkest day of the year, as was done last year. It's my family's special time to share ritual, and also my time to rattle, drum, and make a long night of prayers for the community and world.

If you would like me to carry a prayer to the fireside for you, feel free to list it here in the comments and I'll keep them near as I make my prayer ties to be burned in the flames over the course of the night.

Thank you, relatives. Bless all of us for honoring the cycles of the Earth and in ourselves.

She is our mirror.

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