2013 SouLodge Membership Giveaway

photo a gift from the spirited hands of sweat lodge sister, Amy.


Thank you all for entering the giveaway-your words are such a contribution to me and to each other about growth…so many gorgeous declarations and clarity in the comments! It is always a bit heartbreaking not to throw open the doors and welcome the flood of you in at once. I chose seven winners because I just couldn't stop at four….blessings to ALL OF YOU precious and sacred people, and thank you for sharing the light of Lodge with your friends. I hope to see as many of you as possible in the coming year. The dark age is lifting! 2013 holds so much promise for integration and movement toward beautiful wholeness and illumination.

The seven seats go to:


sarah naeserian


jeanette house



susan: please send the friend's email that you'll be gifting to and cc her on it.

Will you all please send a message to me at soulodgeretreats@gmail.com so that I can add your name to the annual roster? Welcome to SouLodge, ladies! I hope that it serves you well and adds spiritual and creative dimension to your year. SO much love!


Sisters! This is your chance to hop on board the SouLodge train and ride for free. Do you know about the change in format for next year? 

Here's the skinny from the website:

Annual SouLodge membership delivers monthly SouLodge teachings from nature to your inbox on the 1st of every month. Here's what you can expect:

On the first of every month of 2013, you'll receive the following in your email inbox:

  • Medicine Wheel Animal Guide teaching corresponding with the season/direction
  • Video guidance for working with the monthly medicine animal teacher
  • Journal prompts for taking the work into your soul and integrating
  • Journey guidance for retrieving messages from your totems, guides and messengers
  • Original Team SouLodge MP3 Drumming/Music to accompany your journeywork
  • Podcasts
  • Guided meditations to compliment/contrast the free-form style that is shamanic journey work

There will also be seasonal crafts, rituals, altar projects and ceremony sprinkled throughout. Addition to the high-integrity, private SouLodge Facebook group brings to you a community discussion forum. This is an excellent place to share your journey work and questions, as well as connect to women on a creative, spiritual, healing path.

Membership for the January-December 2013 calendar year is $99- NOT per month, but for the entire year.

What we're doing here, women, is CREATING CULTURE. Thank you for your awareness, and for your contributions to a healing process that is nothing short of global.

SouLodge 2013 will be like receiving twelve virtual medicine bundles over the course of the year. Maybe a bit yummier. ♥ 

*Leave your comments, and this time I would love to hear about what kind of support you require to shine spiritually, creatively. Don't be shy, now. The giveaway for four spots will close on Wednesday afternoon PST. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and let me know how many times to enter you.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I'm so grateful for this sacred community of healers, seers, seekers, creatives, renegades, mamas, lightbringers, gatherers, space-holders…all of you.

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