A Mighty Vision for Mighty Wise Young Women

Many of you know how much I adore Wendy Cook, of Mighty Girl Art (and MotherRising blog fame). She is a sister, a seer, a seeker, a deep listener, and an intuitive wisewoman. It was my pleasure to have her in SouLodge in Autumn and to witness her planting the seeds for an MGA online experience for girls who live outside of her D.C. neighborhood, where live Mighty Girl Art workshops have been taking place in the Mighty Girl teepee for several years now.

One of the reasons my heart is so invested in Wendy's movement for girls -and believe me, it is a movement, by all accounts- is because it teaches girls about their intuition at an age when they can really make good use of it. If you know the Russian fairy tale Vasilisa, you will remember how important it is to honor the intuition in order to survive life's trials as a young woman- and make  meaning out of the lessons which do come. If you are a woman, you might know what it feels like to come late to the mountainous value of your own intuition, as our general culture does not have a  rite passage which marks it. If you are from a culture which does, I want to hear about your experience!)

I feel so strongly about the work that Wendy is doing with tween and adolescent adults that I am sponsoring a 48 hour giveaway for one seat in her Mighty Girl Art Spring e-course for my readers. 

As always, comment to enter, and let me know if you've Facebooked, Tweeted or blogged it so that I can enter you multiple times and increase your chances of winning. 

Wendy has generously noted that if you enroll in the Spring e-course, you can share it with your family (all daughters, mamas and sisters can participate on one pass) and neighborhood tribe. My women's circles and SouLodge have taught me how valuable it can be to do close-work with other women, and this is why I'm so proud that something now exists for girls to begin strengthening trust in themselves, together. 

Wendy can be reached for questions at wendy@wendycook.com

Don't be shy about asking how you can do this with the girls in your life. The young maidens who have taken her in-person classes in the Mighty Girl tent have come away forever impacted and supported as the beautiful beings that they are, and always will be. I'll be attending, to gather notes for my wee little maiden, and also to reparent myself through the rite of passage I did not receive as a young woman. I'm curious as ever to see what will be moved in me-I'm certain it will be very powerful.

What inspired you to create Mighty Girl Art? Did you have a lightbulb moment when it all came together for you- as an immensely creative being, to integrate what you know, love and believe in with what you do?

Mmmm….It's a long story that spans many years.  From the time I was a little girl I knew that I was a creative soul and over time I learned that it was so intrinsic to my nature that I likened it to breathing…not a want, but a need.  When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always responded, "make art".  As you can imagine, the retort was less than supportive and out of concern it was suggested that I consider something "more lucrative".   I also was very interested in science and in particular, healing and wellness.  So, I ended up working most of my life in the medical field in order to support myself and my creative muse.  I enjoyed my role in wellness.  I met some truly inspiring people from whom I learned a lot about healing.  However, it didn't exactly feel like my calling.  

When I became pregnant with my son I had my first awakening.  Never in my life had I felt so in touch with the power of the feminine force.  It was right around that time when I realized I could no longer work in medicine.  After my son was born I had a fairly solid vision of Mighty Girl Art and planned to launch it as soon as my son was more independent.  

It finally dawned on me that the reason I never found my "calling" in life was because it didn't exist…I needed to create it myself and everything leading up to that moment had prepared me for this role.  

What do you most want the women and and girls who are thinking about participating to know about MGA?

We have all heard the expression, “Women’s Intuition”.  This adage spans the ages because it resonates much truth.  Intuition and creativity go hand in hand…you can’t have one without the other.  For women, it’s biological.  We are born with it, but many of us have been conditioned to ignore it.  We were given this gift in order raise, protect and nurture our young.  We can also use it to navigate the world around us, to know ourselves more fully and live our lives with more awareness.  When we make time to explore creative self expression, we come alive, we feel whole.

What is the most profound or moving thing any participant has said about their experience with your teachings?

I’m frequently told by moms that their daughters seem lit up in a way that they’ve never seen before, that there is a visible transformation.  I overheard two of the girls chatting about their experience on the last day…one said, “I feel so alive”.…the other squealed, "yes yes I know what you mean".  How beautiful!  THe girls were not only expressing themselves so freely, but they are validating each other as well.

Describe an unexpected thrill you've had hosting these workshops:

One unexpected thrill was an email I received from one of the moms.  She said that she was so inspired by the transformation in her daughter that she converted a room in her home into an "art room" so that her daughter and entire family had a place for creative self expression.  The thought of this family now having a designated space in their home to honor that is very touching.

Jess feet

I view creativity as a sacred tool.  Girls of all ages have a soul need to express themselves creatively, be it art, music, dance, gardening, cooking, poetry etc. because we know intuitively that it's healing, transformative, and empowering.  

I know you well, since our boys were just several months old, and I've seen how much you put into your art, parenting, and Mighty Girl. Nothing slips past you-you're one of the most awakended souls I know, and I know how much you love living on this Earth. Share something about yourself with my readers that will tell them of your passion for what you do:

It is said that friendship is an act of recognition, an ancient knowing.  This is how I feel about our friendship, Pixie.  It is also how I feel about life, motherhood and Mighty Girl Art….it is a process of recognition and ancient knowing.

It so hard for me to put into words, yet it's something I feel deeply…bone deep.  We're all in this together, you know?  We all have different life experiences, stories, and gifts…yet we are all connected.  In ancient times women gathered to share their wisdom, learn how to establish and respect healthy boundaries, practice craft and cultivate skills, to provide council and support, to be seen and heard.  In today's world our young are influenced by the media and a culture that sends harmful and devaluing messages.  If we can create more meaningful practices and opportunities to gather, we can enrich the lives of our children (and our own) with creativity, intuition, power and wisdom. 

As you have so beautifully demonstrated with SouLodge, we can use this new technology and social media as a powerful tool for change, to enrich lives.  If you can't come to the circle, the circle can come to you.  

Wendy, I believe in your work so much. Thank you and bless you for all that you do-the ripple effect is profound, and will lift the spirits of women of all ages long beyond your lifetime. Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

Yes… I just want to say that if anyone reading this ever doubted the power of the feminine, take a good look around you.  Every person you see on the this planet came here through a woman.  May you smile big for the knowing of this, and dance for joy.
Visit Mighty Girl Art and see the bounty of goodness that awaits for yourself.

Thank you to all who enter the giveaway-and good luck! I maintain that I have the BEST readership in the world…thank you for your boundless enthusiasm for walking a creative, spirited, awakened path.



Congratulations to Stephinie of GYPSY FOREST who won
Registration is open until March 16th.

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