East with Eagle

What a lovely and temperature friendly day today. The kids and I checked out twenty seven books at the library on Friday because the scorchers of the week (110 two days in a row) kept us indoors, but the oven door opened this weekend and so we were able to go out and adventure today.

I found a Golden Eagle feather on our adventure and I'm holding it close as I explore what gifts its brought. I am awaiting some Eagle feathers to come (from the Repository in Colorado), but this was a nice treat in the interim.

Golden Eagle symbolizes the direction of the East, which is the place of new beginnings and the rising sun. When I think of the East, I think of the Fool in the tarot deck, which is also akin to Coyote medicine in some ways. The Fool is shown in my Rider-Waite deck as getting ready to step over a cliff's edge, looking completely naive and blindly trusting of what comes next. To be a Fool is to be a gift, for if I can kick my ego to the curb, I am completely open, vulnerable, full of trust and the light of the new journey. I wonder if Eagle will reveal himself to me more this week as I prepare for my long west to east plane ride…

Autumn feels like my New Year. A message of a new beginning feels true. Though the sun is moving and changing the way the daylight falls, it is even more golden than in Spring. I know you all know what I'm talking about. Fall is a shift into trust, comfort and warmth. I'm totally feeling it. I'm ready.

Tell me about how you experience Fall. Do you wind up? Wind down? Change your diet? Harvest what you've sown?

Here is a quick reminder of where you can find me and what I have to offer in the next little while:

Spots are still open for my Spirit Dolls class in the Wish Playgroup, September 27th.

The Nahcotta website has been updated featuring my newest work, as well as the work of countless brilliant artists.

I'll be attending the opening reception for ETA 8 at Nahcotta this Friday, Sept 3rd, in the land of the sea nymphs: Portsmouth, NH-please come over and say hello!

Eta 8 card web

The Buy One Get One print sale runs until Sunday, September 4th in my etsy shop, and lots of new ones have been added. 

I've added several original paintings to the shop as well!


Call of the Wild, 2010. Mixed-media collage on 6" x 8" maple panel.

I'm looking forward to boarding the big blue bird and heading east to see friends and rest a bit at the end of the week.

Bless and *new beginnings*

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