Everyone’s An Artist





Or so it would seem around here lately. Even Ivy has taken to picking up dropped markers under M's easel and sweeping the ground, pretending to make a picture. Brandon is recording music again (after being booted out of his studio to make room for the expanding needs of growing wees), in our recently converted utility storage room off of the garage and the whole house is humming with, "You know what else I want to do this year…" and "I KNOW WHAT I WANT TO MAKE WITH THIIIS!" and "Where can I find fabric for…"

It's a buzz of creative energy, one of many reasons I love this family gig. A continuum of inspiration, I tell you. Brandon and I are taking Marisa's and Sean's Together e-course for fun and to keep us dialoguing about how to honor each others space and livelihoods. When I took Marisa's awesome Fishbowl series last summer, it was intriguing to him- so this allows him to join in on the e-fun. Hubbinses should not be left out! There may be a few spots left…

I'm feeling like I'm finished for the time with anticipating 2010 pitfalls and have given that topic enough of my energy. I feel free to create an incredible year, lots of work, and a full family life.

New Abundance Buffalo tiny originals have been added to the shop, and are going fast! There will be a new tiny series coming forth very soon, as well…

Happy New Year!

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