Light Bringers + Winner

My friend Sarah Jane says that trees who grow in a circle all grow from each other's roots. This is how I think of my husband and kids, we form a circle and we are all connected at our roots, yet branch out in our own directions skyward,

My guys are walking toward the Circle of Gratitude for Mary Ann and Joe's Vow Renewal Ceremony this weekend. Check out all of the cool orbs around Miles Brandon! I'm always crediting my son for bringing the faery folk with him and it was, instead, my DH that had them clinging to his heart this time. I love the layered octagonal shapes. Ever the scientific man, he's like,…"Those are just lens flares!" and I'm all, "No they're not! They're fairies!"

Grown ups.



It was a beautiful ceremony in the southern California mountains with lots of yummy people, indescribably good food, clean air and LOVE all around.

I am sick this week with a nasty wasty cold: the ear business, sinus crap, sneezing, dang it. Miles is sick, too, and we're trying not to give the baby cooties.

***And the winner of the card giveaway is Pati Maez! Congratulations, goddess.***

I'll be checking in and offering a free shipping week in the shop in the next day or so. *Hack*Sneeze!Cack! Go here and have a laugh, while I'm recovering!

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