I'm giving away two SANCTUARY prints which feature a dashing rhinoceros. They misprinted by about 1/16 of an inch and my eye just zeroes in on that stuff zap. So they are slightly imperfect, but lovely for those who are not into symmetry! Leave your comment and I'll announce the winners next Monday! Easy peasy.

Rhinoceros is associated with discriminating senses, ancient wisdom and solitude. They can teach us how to be comfortable in our own thick skin. This is good medicine for anyone seeking to make the quest into greater self reliance and less dependency. Rhino is called upon by those manifesting quietude and sanctuary within. This handsome fellow is temporarily departing the conscious realms and making the journey into deeper, wilder places…


I'm now including a little mini card version of all pieces of work with the *readings* written on the back. If you made a purchase from me prior to this fly bonus and would like me to send you one of these in your print post-haste, email me at

Meantime, I'm totally inspired by tiny art galleries on wheels & you are beautiful.  YOU are beautiful.

And loving these eyelashes. He is beautiful. ME SO LUCKY!!!!!!!



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