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It's been a crazy couple of days at our house. Ivy took about an ounce of milk from a bottle tonite while Miles and I were out gathering a couple of jingly things to help her with the car ride northward where we'll be visiting with friends this weekend. Our little mermaid doesn't like riding in the car, and until tonite she would not take any pumped milk-she only digs the real thing. So we're making a little progress, so that Miles and I can have a date together now and then. When I arrived home she and Brandon were the best of friends in a way I haven't seen them before. So yummy. Daddy's mermaid girl…

She still thinks her bedtime is somewhere between eleven and twelve at night and I've created some habits out of exhaustion that I'm already regretting-like nursing her for an hour until she passes out. At a certain point, I just lost my ability to creatively problem solve. I'm working on it, but I think it's pretty safe to have "Frustrates Easily" tattooed on my forehead, as I've planned to for many years now.. I'm only staying up until 3 am a couple of nights per week to paint and do all of those things I wrote about last post. *sigh* The new mama sleepies are starting to catch up with me. I'm having some trouble keeping up and it kills me (my ego) to admit it. I wish I weren't one to spread myself so thin all the time. Balance.

Balance, Balance, Balance. Balance!

Enough kvetching. Here's a cute bag I sewed for one of Miles little friend's birthday last weekend. I had a lot of fun making it and it was super easy. The applique part did not turn out as um, professional as I wanted it to. But I don't think the handsome Cole minded. It's got a little vintage leather coat button secured to it for snazzy looks, but I made a velcro closure for easy ripping open when collecting treasures in a hurry. I stuffed it with healthy (er) snacks and a couple of little books and off we went. No wrapping required!



Below is a pic of M wearing his dinosaur hat, which I think looked like a cross between a fez and a pharoah, (fezroah?) in this shot. I snapped it right after he finished his slab of chocolate cake and captured the drunken euphoria at once. I love pictures like these, the ones that haunt you for a lifetime. We have a snap of my cousin from about 25 years ago making the kookiest face and no one ever forgets it. It's seared on the memory. I hope M won't hate me for this someday. I'm going to take my chances and live for the moment.


The absolute best news I've heard all day is that my dear, dear, sweet comrade Wendy over at MotherRising is having great luck and fully booked her first Mighty Girl Art Camp, an amazing week-long day camp for girls to live out their creative dreams in a rad tipi with goodies galore. I do believe my friend is the best qualified person to make a difference in a young girl's life. Hands down. If you are located in the D.C area, go find out more about enrollment! If you're inspired, create your own neighborhood goodliness this summer! If you'd like to make a contribution to share with the girls, contact Wendy! She'd love to hear from you! Thank you, Wen, for sharing your light with those who really need it. Your work is so important!

Have an inspired weekend, already. xo

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