Celebrating in Color


Fall has always been my favorite season, hands down, even though I live in a region where Fall hardly shows up for the party. This is probably why we try to make it to the northeast when that time of year rolls around.  Spring has always been a welcome friend at my door, too. However, living in California every day of my life thus far, where I take warm weather for granted, it doesn't dazzle me like it does my northern cronies.

This year it's been a little different. Because Ivy was due in Spring (and was born the first day of), I've perked up to all of the various meanings of the season and have put more effort into celebrating it.  Also, because I like to teach M about the seasons, and he's now at a ripe age to be really interested in such things.

So we did some funny fun things today. Above is a jelly bean bracelet inspired by Mrs. D Lightful, and below, M's version.


And yet another:


These were fun, fast and totally cheap-a roll of stretchy string, a needle and some jelly bellies.  I'm going to wear mine to Easter breks tomorrow, but M ate his right away…


We also made some yummy cupcakes and adorned them with picks made using a free download from My Crafty Mess.




We are waiting for our brew to finish coloring our eggs overnite-but here is a teaser of what's to come:



I'll post pictures of how the eggs turned out tomorrow-some are looking very promising while other ones have completely bombed-such as the slimy cinnamon…yuck! I also forgot how disgusting cabbage smells when boiling-we had to throw open all of the windows and light some candles. We're really suffering for our craft here trying to avoid Yellow #5. Martha  and Stephanie walked us through this one.

Happy Spring, everyone!

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