Miles and I have had a few conversations about his birth and en utero experience.  What he recalls always blows me away.

Today I picked up my copy of Mother's Nature, which I loved reading when I was pregnant with M, and was skimming the pages and admiring the diverse cultural stories and proverbs the authors compiled.  It is such a wonderul read!  When I was closing it, Miles pointed to the mommy and the baby at the top of the book and this dialogue took place:

M: May I want one of those?  A boy?

Me: You'd like a baby?

M: Yes.  A boy one.

Me: What would you do with a baby?

M: Play with it when he gets big.

Me: Hm. And what about when he is very small?

M:  And I come out.  BOOM.

Me: Is that how you came out?

M: Miles TB just hurt and I need to come out.  BOOM!  (TB=tummy belly, and he did have a poop during labor…)

Me:  Oh…I wonder if it was because of the spicy food I ate?

M:  Yes.  It was.


Today I am 12 weeks with number two.  Down the wild rabbit hole I go again! 

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